Thursday, September 25, 2008

Port Numbers

http             80/tcp    World Wide Web HTTP
https 443/tcp http protocol over TLS/SSL
smtp 25/tcp Simple Mail Transfer
snmp 161/tcp SNMP
ftp-data 20/tcp File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp 21/tcp File Transfer [Control]
ftps-data 989/tcp ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SS
ftps 990/tcp ftp protocol, control, over
telnet 23/tcp Telnet
telnets 992/tcp telnet protocol over TLS/SSL
nfs 2049/tcp Network File System - Sun
pop2 109/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 2
pop3 110/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 3
imap 143/tcp Internet Message Access Protocol
imaps 993/tcp imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL
tftp 69/tcp Trivial File Transfer
tftps 3713/tcp TFTP over TLS
domain 53/tcp Domain Name Server
nntp 119/tcp Network News Transfer Protocol
dhcpv6-client 546/tcp DHCPv6 Client
dhcpv6-server 547/tcp DHCPv6 Server
ldap 389/tcp Lightweight Directory Access
sftp 115/tcp Simple File Transfer Protocol
ssh 22/tcp SSH Remote Login Protocol
msft-gc 3268/tcp Microsoft Global Catalog
msft-gc-ssl 3269/tcp Microsoft Global Catalog with
There r 65,535port numbers.out of that
0-1023 are well known port numbers.
1024-49,151 are Registered.
49,152-65,535 are Dynamic or private ports.

Below r some of the well known ports:-
Port Description status
0/TCP,UDP Reserved; do not use (but is a permissible source
port value if the sending process does not expect messages
in response) 1/TCP,UDP TCPMUX (TCP port service
multiplexer) Official
5/TCP,UDP RJE (Remote Job Entry)
7/TCP,UDP ECHO protocol
9/TCP,UDP DISCARD protocol
11/TCP,UDP SYSTAT protocol
13/TCP,UDP DAYTIME protocol
17/TCP,UDP QOTD (Quote of the Day) protocol
18/TCP,UDP Message Send Protocol
19/TCP,UDP CHARGEN (Character Generator) protocol
20/TCP FTP - data port
21/TCP FTP - control (command) port
22/TCP,UDP SSH (Secure Shell) - used for secure logins,
file transfers (scp, sftp) and port forwarding
23/TCP,UDP Telnet protocol - unencrypted text
25/TCP,UDP SMTP - used for e-mail routing between
mailservers E-mails
26/TCP,UDP RSFTP - A simple FTP-like protocol
35/TCP,UDP QMS Magicolor 2 printer
37/TCP,UDP TIME protocol
38/TCP,UDP Route Access Protocol
39/TCP,UDP Resource Location Protocol
41/TCP,UDP Graphics
42/TCP,UDP Host Name Server
43/TCP WHOIS protocol
49/TCP,UDP TACACS Login Host protocol
53/TCP,UDP DNS (Domain Name System)
57/TCP MTP, Mail Transfer Protocol
67/UDP BOOTP (BootStrap Protocol) server; also used by DHCP
(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
68/UDP BOOTP client; also used by DHCP
69/UDP TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
70/TCP Gopher protocol
79/TCP Finger protocol
80/TCP HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) - used for
transferring web pages
81/TCP HTTP Alternate (HyperText Transfer Protocol)
81/TCP Torpark - Onion routing ORport
82/UDP Torpark - Control Port Unofficial
88/TCP Kerberos - authenticating agent
102/TCP ISO-TSAP protocol
107/TCP Remote Telnet Service
109/TCP POP, Post Office Protocol, version 2
110/TCP POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) - used for
retrieving E-mails
111/TCP,UDP SUNRPC protocol
113/TCP ident - old server identification system, still
used by IRC servers to identify its users
115/TCP SFTP, Simple File Transfer Protocol
118/TCP,UDP SQL Services
119/TCP NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) - used for
retrieving newsgroups messages
123/UDP NTP (Network Time Protocol) - used for time
135/TCP,UDP EPMAP (End Point Mapper) / Microsoft RPC
Locator Service
137/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Name Service
138/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Datagram Service
139/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Session Service
143/TCP,UDP IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol 4) -
used for retrieving E-mails
152/TCP,UDP BFTP, Background File Transfer Program
153/TCP,UDP SGMP, Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol
156/TCP,UDP SQL Service
158/TCP,UDP DMSP, Distributed Mail Service Protocol
161/TCP,UDP SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
170/TCP Print-srv
179/TCP BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
194/TCP IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
201/TCP,UDP AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
209/TCP,UDP The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
218/TCP,UDP MPP, Message Posting Protocol
220/TCP,UDP IMAP, Interactive Mail Access Protocol, version
259/TCP,UDP ESRO, Efficient Short Remote Operations
264/TCP,UDP BGMP, Border Gateway Multicast Protocol
311/TCP Apple Server-Admin-Tool, Workgroup-Manager-Tool
318/TCP,UDP TSP, Time Stamp Protocol
323/TCP,UDP IMMP, Internet Message Mapping Protocol
383/TCP,UDP HP OpenView HTTPs Operations Agent
366/TCP,UDP SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. ODMR, On-
Demand Mail Relay
369/TCP,UDP Rpc2portmap
371/TCP,UDP ClearCase albd
384/TCP,UDP A Remote Network Server System
387/TCP,UDP AURP, AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol
389/TCP,UDP LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
401/TCP,UDP UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
411/TCP Direct Connect Hub port
412/TCP Direct Connect Client-To-Client port
427/TCP,UDP SLP (Service Location Protocol)
443/TCP HTTPS - HTTP Protocol over TLS/SSL (encrypted
444/TCP,UDP SNPP, Simple Network Paging Protocol
445/TCP Microsoft-DS (Active Directory, Windows shares,
Sasser worm, Agobot, Zobotworm) Official
445/UDP Microsoft-DS SMB file sharing Official
464/TCP,UDP Kerberos Change/Set password Official
465/TCP SMTP over SSL - CONFLICT with registered Cisco
protocol Conflict
500/TCP,UDP ISAKMP, IKE-Internet Key Exchange Official
512/TCP exec, Remote Process Execution-- 

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