Friday, February 20, 2009

Default keyring can't unlock - Ubuntu 8.10

For Solving wireless issue default keyring can't unlock error in ubuntu 8.10. I have remove the "default.keyring" file .gnome folder. i.e

rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring

After that I have tried to setup wirelss network, It ask to setup the new password.
Then I can able to setup the wireless network.


gr8god said...

tried this, but it says 'no such file or directory.' i am a newb, so i'm probably just doing something wrong, but i cut and pasted your instruction into my terminal, and that's the response i got.

i'm running ubuntu 8.10. any ideas?

sahab said...

.gnome folder comes under your home directory. So check the path using "pwd" command.


Sri said...

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