Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Live Linux DVD from Fedora CD ISOs

This is a how to for creating an installable Fedora DVD from the 4 Fedora CD images (ISOs).

  1. Extract all the files from Discs 2,3,4, into subfolders (Disc2,Disc3,Disc4 respectively).These folders should be under the folder containing the ISO's. (mount -o loop cd.iso disc2)

  2. Open first ISO "FC3-i386-disc1.iso".Double click the file: "\Fedora\RPMS\TRANS.TBL".It should open up in notepad.

  3. look inside the subfolders created in step one,look for :\DiscX\Fedora\RPMS\TRANS.TBL (where X is 2 to 4).

  4. Copy the list inside each version of these TRANS.TBL files into the original TRANS.TBL file opened in the ISO program.

  5. Once all the data is merged/copied into the first file, save it to the root folder where the ISO's are saved.

  6. Drag all the extracted .RPM files(contained in subfolder created in Step 1) into the ISO: "FC3-i386-disc1.iso", folder: "\Fedora\RPMS\".

  7. Drag the merged TRANS.TBL file you saved into the ISO: "FC3 i386 Disc1\Fedora\RPMS\".Answer "yes" to replace the old file.

  8. Edit the file: .idiscinfo Change line 4: from " 1 " to: " 1,2,3,4 ".

  9. Save the ".idiscinfo" to main folder.

  10. Replace orginal ".idiscinfo" file with edited one.

  11. Change the capacity of the media to that of the DVD (normally 4.7GB).

  12. Check everything is correct. That's it, the media should boot, as you used the original Fedora disc1.Rename the file "FC3-i386-disc1.iso" to "FC3-i386-DVD.iso".

  13. Write this ISO image to DVD with disc authoring software (Infrarecorder or Nero).

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