Thursday, April 2, 2009

Folder Share - Ubuntu

Folder Share

In Ubuntu Right click any folder and you’ll see the option to share it. When you do this the first time you’ll be prompted to install the service.

After it’s installed you’ll be asked to log out and back in.

When you are back in, you would think that you’ll just right click the folder and share it, but that isn’t the case.

Option 1

Using nautilus as root.

So press “alt + f2″ and enter “gksudo nautilus”.

You now started nautilus as root, in the left plane press “file system” press the home folder and you’ll see your usual folders.

Now you can right click them and share them.

Close the file browser now, don’t use the root file browser for normal tasks.

That’s it.

Now for the windows side, the easiest thing to do is create a desktop shortcut.

Right-click your desktop, press new and create a new shortcut.

The location you are going to enter is


If you are not sure what your host name is, simply open a terminal (applications, accessories, terminal) and you’ll see your hostname after the @ sign.

Now press the icon on your Windows desktop and you’ll be prompted for a username and password. Those are the same ones you log into Ubuntu with.

Option 2

Adding a User to samaba Share

#sudo newgrp sambashare

#sudo "username" samabsahare

Logout and Try for access the share

By using this Hardy I got some error, I have fixed using below method

- goto system>administration>users and groups

- Unlock

- click on Manage Groups

- select sambashare

- click Properties

- unselect and select your user

- click OK

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