Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Segmentation Fault Unable to Login the System - Ubuntu 8.10

Hi All

Yesterday I face a new issue with ubuntu.....

I have tried to add a printer via samba, that time I got some cupsys related error. Then I restart the service "cupsys" that time I go the error "Segmentation Fault". After that I restart the system.

In that moment I can't able to login using my username and password, it would just bounce to the Login screen again. I have add new user and try root user in command line terminal. there also same issue.

For resolve the issue I have reboot the system and login to the recovery mode and there select drop to root shell prompt. There I have give the command

root@sahab-desktop:~#login sahab
segmentation fault

There also I can't able to login to my username.

After that I have purge samab for resolving the issue

root@sahab-desktop:~#apt-get purge -y samba samba-common samba-client libpam-smbpass

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